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V7ryvFzF 06/25/16 - 11:20PM
AFJ. yes - sorry, the Salamander comment was just a big tease! But, trust me - if any of you guys wrote a book and got it published, I would be totally okay with you refusing to tell me the end - just so long as I got a signed copy when it came out!I started writing because I was inspired by other wrr3eisRt0;and it would be wonderful if one day someone told me they were inspired to write because of my books!!! :-))

bbNFnAyWXsO 10/05/12 - 03:32AM
No copmlanits on this end, simply a good piece.

DAJQfsiegoOZrdXUn 08/17/11 - 02:56PM
Tip top stuff. I'll expcet more now.

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